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Kilo One Para-Rescue
Survival Knife
24.8 cm
Micarta Handle/Steel
1 kg

300,00 €

Not Available
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Euro Ops Division (EOD) is the new trademark for Pohl Force knives manufactured in Europe. As the first partner, we have chosen the well-known knife manufacturing company Lionsteel from Italy. Lionsteel is like no other company in Maniago, best known for the manufacturing of knives with modern CNC equipment. A very precise manufacturing process makes each knife a reliable companion in virtually all situations. The knives of the EOD series will always be carved out of the solid material, whether it is G-10, Micarta or titanium. No grip is produced in conventional injection molding process but only in 3D CNC milling. Thus, the manufacturing times and costs are high. The EOD series completely avoids forging in the manufacturing process of the blade. Each blade is individually laser-cut from solid steel and then ground with millimeter precision using modern grinding robots. The D2 (1.2379) steel from Germany is the one used the the DDC Series with 59 HRC hardness to reach the desired cutting performance and durability. Each knife comes with an extensive accessory package, like no other manufacturer can offer to their knives, which summarizes the sophisticated character of the new Euro Ops Division Series. To ensure quality, each EOD knife is marked with the year of manufacturing and a unique serial number. The delivery takes place in a specially designed, zip sealing pouch. With QC certificate and additional EOD sticker.

With the model Kilo One Para-Rescue, Pohlforce provides the first model in the new EOD series, completely manufactured in Europe. One kilo was developed by Dietmar Pohl as a compact knife specifically for outdoor use or as a cutting knife for parachute military units. The main features:

The Blade

  • Maximum blade length of 11.6 cm - Below German Requirement. 
  • Massive, modified santoku blade for multifunctional use 
  • Long straight edge - Simply grindstone to sharpen. 
  • High stability at the blade tip 
  • Flat finish for maximum cutting power and demanding cutting tasks
  • 1.2379 (D2) tool steel - 59 HRC 
  • Blade thickness 5 mm.
  • Blade width of 3.8 cm 
  • Stone Wash Finish 

The Handle 

  • Solid, continuous full-tang 
  • Pleasant and secure feel with the SRM milling (Surface-round Milling) 
  • The end of the handle can be used as a glass-breaker
  • The tang extends out of the handle to prevent damage to the shell 
  • The handle is made of olive colored canvas Micarta, 3D milled
  • The handle allows various gripping positions
  • The handle scales are secured with great Pohlforce screws
  • Flexible retaining cord for individual adjustment to the wrist, with special olive / orange pattern. 

The Sheath

  • Pancake quality leather sheath from Italy - Fits belts up to 50 mm.