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These guidelines disclose the privacy policies for the entire web site. Since Internet technologies are rapidly evolving underlying business models are evolving as well new laws are going to be enforced. Accordingly, guidelines may change and any changes will be posted here.

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In order to receive all the information relating to the way you can be advertised through this web site you have to give the following information: Forename/Surname-Company Name-Address-Telephone number-Fax Number-email address-Name of the Person Responsible-City -Country.

The web site is not responsible for the privacy policies of the people and companies advertised on it.


The subscription to the mailing lists for newsletters requires you to give the following information: Email-Forename/Surname-Company Name. The web site may keep a record of all the subscribers’ email addresses in order to send to them other financial or informative messages unless the subscriber does not agree.


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A cookie itself is not designated or intended to read any information from your computer (other than the contents of the cookie); rather, it is an identifier used by the web site that originally placed it on your hard drive.

Therefore, cookies allow us to automate and access data entry functions such as login information, correlate online ordering information for purchases you may make while at the Site (if any), tailor the Site to your preferences or interests, or customize promotions or marketing.

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The web site includes links to other websites that are not controlled by this web site or its affiliates (natural-legal entities). The web site is in no circumstances responsible for the Privacy policies of these websites.


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The web site records personal information that has been forwarded for communication, financial and tax reasons.

The guest/user may contact the relevant department of this web site in order to check for the existence of a personal record and correct, change or ask for its deletion.

Guests/users that are under the age of consent can only access the services of this web site if they have gained parental consent and they are not asked to give any personal information. However, if such information is provided will be automatically deleted.

It is possible that the web site’s marketing department will process the entire or part of your personal information in order to develop the existing services and for statistical and financial reasons.