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Specwog Warrior FX-0171113
Tactical Multipurpose Knife
25.48 cm
0,8 kg

285,00 €

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Idea of Specwog tactical combat knife originated from studying the distinctive manner and techniques of fighting used in Dean Rostohar's Tactical Technical Combat System - T.T.C.S. (T.T.B.S.). A need for a knife having special, distinctive form emerged. Dean Rostohar decided to design the knife that brings the best results in combat situations.

Specwog Warrior Combat Knife is a weapon intended for the police and army special units (Special Forces), i.e. for those who use the knife daily, in the tactical combat situations. It is the 'all-function-knife' - a multi-purposive or multifunctional knife. As a combat knife, Specwog Warrior Combat Knife is designed for the techniques of fighting against an attacker, on land and at sea. As a tactical knife, it is designed for cutting ropes, opening the doors, windows, cans, etc. It can be used as a survival knife, a tool for peeling the animal skin, cutting the meat, fruits and vegetables, cleaning the fish, cutting wood, etc.

Specwog Warrior Combat Knife has a semicircular shape, enabling cutting and slashing with a large striking force. Spear-shaped pointed tip of the knife in the middle of the blade gives a large thrusting power - superb penetration in puncturing and stabbing. The knife’s distinctive tooth enables deeper penetration and cutting with the blade. A teeth-shaped part at the back part of the blade prevents the knife slipping during the techniques with the back of a knife. The knife closely and firmly adheres to the surface. The cutting blade is always in the horizontal position when the knife is swung for slashing.

Regardless if the knife is being held with the 'forward grip' or with 'the reverse grip', the top of the knife is always straight and pointed forward. A broadly shaped blade allows powerful stabs, cuts and slashes without the excessive use of force. The distinctively shaped handle has two holes for the leash. It is ergonomically designed to avoid unnecessarily pressure and straining to the wrist. The handle, with the protector part, allows the firm grasp and prevents the knife slipping out of the hand. The back of the knife handle is slightly curved; triangular, to make striking of the specific body points easier. It can also be efficiently used for breaking glass.


  • Blade material : Stainless steel N690Co HRC 58-60
  • Blade length : 4,52”
  • Overall length : 10,03”
  • Thickness: 0,23”
  • Weight: 11,81oz
  • Handle material : G10
  • Sheath : KYDEX with molle clips