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N.E.R.O. Nighthawk Cobaltitan Folder FX-117 CT
Tactical Folding Knife
~ 21 cm
Black Handle/Titanium-Steel
0,8 kg

199,00 €

Not Available
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THE NEW WAY OF THINKING KNIVES Titanium GRADE 5 on the spine and N690Co Cobalt Vanadium steel on the edge, the result is this new futurist way to make blades. The COBALTITAN range reduce the weight of the blades keeping the same long edge resistant and performances. We have an Hardness of HRC 59-60 on the cutting and around 49-50 HRC on the spine. These brand new products are actually the highest performances knives in the market, the blades are very strong giving all the cutting performances of an high quality steel blade and in the same time also the a better resistant to corrosion of a regular full steel knife. The Titanium gives also a better flexibility to all the knife. The weight of the blade is reduce of a 20% , this is very important point especially for military and law enforcement personnel that needs to carry a lot of products during their missions.


  • Blade spine: Grade 5 titanium bead blasted finishing. Length mm 95, thickness mm 5.
  • Blade Edge: Stainless steel N690CO cobalt vanadium with an hardness of HRC 59-60, bead blasted finishing. Length mm 95.
  • Handles: CNC machined coarse textured G10 length mm 115 thickness mm 5 CNC machined 6061 aluminum anodized back side spacer. Reversible stainless steel clip teflon coated.