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M.P.S.K. Multi Purpose Survival Knife FX-444/3 MOD
Survival and Rescue Multiknife
~ 18 cm
Black Blades/NATO Green Handle
0,7 kg

160,00 €

Not Available
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The project named M.P.S.K. (MULTI PURPOSE SURVIVAL KNIFE) has been develop with the collaboration of the 49° CAPRICORNO squadron, (a part of the 5°AVES RIGEL) that includes the pilots of the A-129 AH (Attach Helicopters) MANGUSTA. This knife is designed to be included in the personal survival kit back pack that each pilot has in each mission that can be used in the case of escape from the Helicopter. They have given us a list of tools that are necessary for them during a possible survival situation, and together we have started to study the different options… Making the entire project first with the technical drawings, and then making the prototypes and starting the testing.

From 2005 the M.P.S.K. - 443/3 has been included in the tactical survival back pack of all the pilots of the 49° CAPRICORNO squadron that were dislocated in TALLIL base - IRAQ - that were taking part of ANTICA BABILONIA (Italian peacekeeping mission). These days, the M.P.S.K. knife follows the crews of MANGUSTA in all their missions.

The sizes of the M.P.S.K. are the same as the PREDATOR II. Blade size is 95 mm for a thickness of 3 mm. The blade steel is different depending on the blade utility.

Following are the main features

  • Main blade, Rescue blade: cobalt vanadium N690Co stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 58-60 with TEFLON coated finishing, salt and acid corrosion resistant;
  • Multi blade: 420 J2B stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 54-56 Teflon coated;
  • Saw blade: 420 J2B stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 54-56 Teflon coated;
  • Glass breaker: 440B stainless steel high tempered with a final harndess of HRC 60.
  • Handle: The handle is made with FORPRENE®, wich is a very powerful material that gives a very high level of thermal resistance and can be used from -40°C up to +150°C. It is very high resistant to salt corrosion and acid corrosion increasing the grip of the full handle.
  • The hardness of the FORPRENE® is 60D.
  • Liners: 420 J2B stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 48-50 and Teflon coated;
  • The knives including L.A.W.K.S.® locking system.
  • Accessories: The M.P.S.K. Knives are supplied with 1000D cordura sheath with double pocket that can also be used as a 9mm magazine pouch, MOLLE System on the back. Included with the knives is a full bit set with adaptor wrench key.